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War for Cybertron: Siege I

Siege 1 BSA
Siege 1 Mobile BSA
Siege 1 cards

The War for Cybertron begins! Choose a side - Autobot or Decepticon!

War for Cybertron: Siege I introduces small TRANSFORMERS Character Cards: Battle Masters and Micro Masters. The set has 48 Character Cards and 64 Battle Cards.

Each War for Cybertron: Siege I TCG Booster Pack contains 1 large foil and 1 small foil TRANSFORMERS Character Card* and 6 Battle Cards.

For full gameplay, each player builds a team of TRANSFORMERS Character Cards and a deck of 40 or more Battle Cards (up to 25 stars when stars on Character Cards and Battle Cards are added together).

Chance of Super Rare Large TRANSFORMERS Character Card 1:50 Booster Packs. Chance of Uncommon Small TRANSFORMERS  Character Card 1:5 Booster Packs. Each Booster Pack contains 1 Rare Battle Card. Each booster pack sold separately.

*Large Character Card - 88 x 126 mm

  Small Character Card - 63 x 88 mm

Available beginning June 28, 2019


Siege 1 Cards pack

Card List

Card title  Background
TCG Siege Private TrailBreaker
TCG Siege Specialist Flamewar


* after character name denotes a small character card

Super Rare

General Megatron – Infantry · Leader

Major Shockwave – Applied Sciences · Scientist

Major Ultra Magnus – Infantry · City Commander

Sergeant Cog – Artillery · Mechanic


Alpha Trion - Cybertronian Sage

Captain Elita-1 – Special Ops · Ranger

Captain Ironhide – Infantry · Bodyguard

Captain Starscream – Infantry · Air Commander

General Optimus Prime – Infantry · Leader

Raider Cindersaur – Black Ops · Demolitions

Raider Needlenose – Air Force · Soldier

Sergeant Skywarp – Black Ops · Seeker


Captain Wheeljack – Engineering · Scientist

Major Soundwave – Espionage · Spy

Private Firedrive* – Ground Command · Artillery

Private Lionizer* – Ground Command · Artillery

Private Pteraxadon* – Air Command · Artillery

Private Sideswipe – Infantry · Soldier

Private Trailbreaker – Infantry · Fortification & Defense

Raider Aimless* – Air Force · Weapons

Raider Blowpipe* – Air Force · Weapons

Raider Flamefeather – Black Ops · Soldier

Raider Nightstick* – Ground Force · Weapons

Raider Triggerhappy – Air Force · Gunner

Specialist Flamewar – Special Ops · Hunter

Specialist Ratchet – Engineering · Rescue & Repair


Major Prowl – Infantry · Strategist

Private Arcee – Special Ops · Warrior

Private Flak* – Artillery · Tactics

Private Mudslinger* – Special Ops · Infiltration

Private Red Alert – Medical · Medic

Private Red Heat* – Infantry · Emergency Response

Private Stakeout* – Infantry · Communications

Private Topshot* – Artillery · Patrol Leader

Private Tote* – Special Ops · Infiltration

Raider Detour* – Infantry · Demolitions

Raider Ion Storm – Infantry · Rainmaker

Raider Laserbeak* – Espionage · Interrogation

Raider Ravage* – Espionage · Saboteur

Raider Road Hugger* – Infantry · Tactics

Raider Runabout – Infantry · Soldier

Raider Runamuck – Infantry · Soldier

Raider Storm Cloud* – Infantry · Electronic Warfare

Raider Visper* – Infantry · Patrol Leader

Sergeant Chromia – Special Ops · Counterintelligence

Sergeant Hound – Infantry · Recon

Sergeant Skrapnel – Infantry · Electronic Warfare

Sergeant Sparkstalker – Black Ops · Cryptology





Backup Bag

Battering Ram

Callous Leadership

Dampening Field

Emergency Defense Field

Energy Pack

Erratic Energy Grenade

Firecon Flame

Heat of Battle

Heroic Team-Up


Laser Cutlass

LV Gamma-Disruptor Launcher

Ultra Magnus Armor

Micro Capacitor

Pop a Wheelie


RR Disruptor Blade

Scavenged the Battlefield

Special Ops Mission

Take Cover

Two-Pronged Attack

Unconventional Flying Object

W-5 Gyro Blaster



Anticipation Engine

Battlefield Scan


Compact Shield

Covert Armor

Device Virus

EMP Wave

Extra Padding

Fuel Cache

Full Loadout

Hiding Spot

HV Electron Breacher

Metal Detector

Point-Defense System

Reflex Circuits

Rock Toss

Spinner Rims

Squish Them Like Bugs

Steady Shot

Sturdy Armor



Basic Combat Protocol

Battlefield Report


Calculated Strike

Combat Dagger

Defensive Formation


Dismantling Claw

EM24 IR Laser Launcher

Force Field

Frag Toss


Pep Talk

Personal Targeting Drone

Reactive Armor


Smoke Cloak



Urban Camo


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