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Blaster vs Soundwave Deck BSA
Blaster vs Soundwave Deck Mobile BSA

Take command of BLASTER or SOUNDWAVE, along with their arsenal of Mini-Cassette characters, and compete for victory!

Each BLASTER VS SOUNDWAVE deck includes:

  • 2 Large Foil TRANSFORMERS Character Cards:
  • 6 Small Foil TRANSFORMERS Mini-Cassette Character Cards:
    Warrior• 2 Ready-to-Play Decks of 40 Battle Cards
  • Damage Counters
  • Rules Insert

Available beginning August 15, 2019

Game and Rules in English only.

Card List

Card title  Background
Blaster vs Soundwave Ravage and Eject Cards


Blaster // Communications

Soundwave // Communications

Steeljaw // Tracker

Ramhorn // Warrior

Eject // Electronic Surveillance

Ravage // Saboteur

Buzzsaw // Spy

Frenzy // Warrior

Battle Cards

Basic Combat Protocol x2

Escape Route 3x

Flamethrower 2x

Force Field 3x

Handheld Blaster 3x

Vaporize 3x

Zap 2x

Daring Counterattack 3x

Interpert the Airwaves 3x

Obstructive Rhythm 3x

Recover Cassette 3x

Backup Beam 3x

Grenade Launcher 2x

Pep Talk 3x

Incoming Transmission 2x

Battle Cards

Calculated Strike 3x

Dismantle 2x

Escape Route 3x

Handheld Blaster 2x

Buzzsaw, Ravage, Frenzy Attack! 3x

Inner Grove 3x

Intercept Communications 3x

Recover Cassette 3x

Blast Shield 3x

Pep Talk 3x

Scoundrels Blaster 3x

Steady Shot 3x

Piercing Blaster x2

Smoke Cloak x3


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